Youtube Millionaire Omi In a HellCat post video about FEDs seizing his 50 cars and Millions of dollars

Nov 21 2019

Philadelphia Millionaire/Youtuber @omi_in_a_hellcat who became rich from discovering a glitch in the streaming/cable app world, Omi had over 50 of his cars seized today at his house. Multiple Lamborghini’s, Hellcats & more. All of his bank accounts have also been seized by the government. He also claims he didn’t pay his taxes in 2016 which is another reason why the Feds are stalking him. Check out the video below where Omi In a HellCat fully details what happened to him!

Omi In a HellCat detailing FED’s taking everything:

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2 thoughts on “Youtube Millionaire Omi In a HellCat post video about FEDs seizing his 50 cars and Millions of dollars

  1. I am really disappointed about what happened to Omi. I am going to have to read more about the App that he found a glitch in so I can better understand exactly what he did. I know it has a lot to do with screaming and I did hear him mention something about Kodi. I just hope he doesn’t have to spend a lot of time in prison. I hope that he can eventually beat this and get all of his belongings back. While listening to his video Omi mention how there is other companies doing the same thing he did and the Feds didn’t come down on them like they did him. Omi feels like it is the difference in his skin color and someone told him don’t play the race card. It is not playing the race card when you can see as plain as day the difference in the way you are being treated as opposed to how someone else is being treated. If you are being treated differently believe me it is for a reason. However, I suppose Omi wasn’t thinking about the fact that he isn’t white and if you aren’t white you are not suppose have the riches that Omi had. You definitely aren’t expected to owe 50 cars, multiply homes, millions of dollars in the bank and all the riches that he had. Omi has to realize that people get jealous and start hating on you. For that reason alone people start to take their jobs to another level. Hating on you and ignoring what others are doing because they feel that you shouldn’t be who you are and living the way you live. Omi also needs to realize that he has to be careful who he lets in his circle. Because there is always the so called jealous friends. Friends who laugh in your face and put knives in your back. According to Omi he knows who drop a dime on him. Omi mentioned how he would say ish off the top of his head to throw the guy off. Big mistake what he should have done was eliminated this guy from his life. Stop socializing or talking to the guy period. When you know that someone don’t mean you any good why deal with them? When I meet people that doesn’t mean me any good or people who are underhanded and do all kinds of underhanded ish I eliminate their asses right on out of my life. People like that are snakes and I don’t know a sole who has been able to trust a snake!

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