Young Thug Says Lil Wayne Stole My Style, He Wanna Be Like Me

Feb 03 2015

This Lil Wayne verse Birdman situation is getting real. We just got word that Birdman’s new front man for his Cash Money label Young Thug is furious with Lil Wayne. Young Thug feels wayne is trying to jack is style. Thugger was quoted to saying

This f** boy already rich he sold millions of records and now he wanna sound like thugger?, now I see why Baby won’t release Carter 5 he’s a swagger jacker. He ain’t no real Blood anyway we don’t respect n***z stealing folks styles, if he make one mo song like me I’m suing his punk a** for identity theft!

People close to Young Thug and Birdman also feel that Lil Wayne is trying to sound like Thugger on his new song off his “Sorry for the wait 2” mixtape on the song “Shit” audio below you be the judge

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