Young Thug drops $200K in bail money for his entourage after gun possession arrest

Aug 28 2018

Last week, Young Thug and his team found theirselves in a little trouble after police arrested 5 members of his crew for gun possession. Young Thug put up bail money for his confidants which added up to almost $200k! One guy who allegedly had an AK-47 cost $50,000 to get out of jail, while four others required $35,000 each.

TMZ adds that the five men had lawyers waiting for them at the jail, along with a bail bondsman, roughly 12 hours after their arrests. In addition to the six-figure total outlined above, sources for TMZ say that lawyer’s fees for each person were $7,000 apiece, and that’s just to start.

Faster then the officers got off… #SlimeLanguage lil bitch

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Everything happened last month when Thuggers crew were allegedly in possession of multiple weapons at a birthday/Slime Language release party at a Dave & Buster’s in Hollywood. Law enforcement sources stated that they found the weapons in a vehicle that belonged to a member of Thug’s crew who hit a police cruiser just after leaving the party.

Sources close to Thug countered that by saying that the group was within the Dave & Buster’s when cops came in telling them they all needed to go outside because they were being arrested. They also stated that two of those who were arrested had permits to carry, but were still apprehended and booked (along with the rest of the group) for “carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle.”

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