Yo Gotti loses $6.6 Million dollar judgement for stealing $20,000 from artist and song

May 29 2019

Yo Gotti just got some bad bad news from his legal team. Somehow Yo Gotti let a $20,000 dollar situation become a $6.6 Million dollar L. The lawsuit all comes from an artist by the name of Young Fletcher who paid Yo Gotti $20,000 to sing a hook on his song. Fletcher and his camp report that Gotti took the money and never did the work. After doing that Gotti then reportedly stole the song for himself and offered Fletcher a record deal for $150,000 basically undercutting his current manager and label. Because of all that Young Fletcher’s label/manager sued Gotti and won. Stay tuned for more updates. Currently Yo Gotti is in Miami on Jetski’s living life per his instagram account

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