XXXTentacion & SahBabii Diss Offset Of Migos For Dissing Lil Uzi Vert

May 25 2017

More hip hop beef is in the air as the latest fued is between Offset of the Migos and XXXTentacion & SahBabii. The apparent beef is over Offset not feeling Lil Uzi Vert’s upside cross necklace.

Offset said recently

“All y’all n*ggas wearing upside down crosses, even my little partners, stop that sh*t. You look lame,” Offset said. “All that worship the devil sh*t. Get with God man.”

While Lil Uzi Vert has yet to respond to Offset, Chicago rapper SahBabii was not too pleased with his comments and clapped back at the Migos member.

“I showed these n*ggas respect now f*ck Migos! We ain’t goin for no disrespect. My cross gone stay upside down, y’all n*ggas donate $1000 to Washington but throw $10,000 in a club. I will beat yo ass.”

SahBabii continued by explaining about his “Unknownism” movement:

“I created this ideology for seeking the truth. I had this mindset since a young boy. I stand strong behind this and we will kill for it. […] Unknownism accepting the fact of not knowing if all of this bullsh*t they tell us is true. 666 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 6 neutrons. This has nothing to do with Saint Peter. Unknownism is life. Sorry, we are open minded and don’t follow the wave and believe in bullsh*t that hasn’t been proving. Much love to my unknowns #666.”

SahBabii resumed dissing Offset:

“You was the first b*tch ass n*gga to take this sh*t to the Internet. Stop speaking on street sh*t. you industry pig tail wearing b*tch. This n*ggas’ wearing pig tails, b*tch style.”

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