Wack100 Exposes T.I. for snitching to get out of prison early from 25 year sentence

Dec 03 2019

Wack100 is back in the headlines breaking the internet. A video of Wack100 from TMZ went viral and it showed Wack100 giving detail on why Nipsey Hussle is not a legend! It seems the video got to the desk of T.I. and this made T.I. post on Instagram why Nipsey is a legend! After seeing T.I.’s post Wack100 went back to Instagram and exposed T.I. for being a snitch! Wack said how did someone who got sentenced to 25 years in prison get out with only 1 year time served! Wack100 called T.I. the original 6ix9ine who snitched to get their freedom. Check out the IG post below and tell us what you think

The video where Wack100 dissed Nipsey:

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When you call a spade a spade they wanna make a face card a Spade – Naw the question was Legend in Music… And because I’m not acting like the sheep following others across the field they find a way to distract you from the real topic which was “LEGEND IN MUSIC “ …. All the other shit don’t concern me. I don’t know this mans financial profolio nor do I care. But what I do know is the “Music” stats. @troubleman31 Your far from slow & you yourself stated “BEFORE” wasn’t the “AFTER” Now ima let y’all mental midgets argue bout that …… Wack gone stand strong in what he believe in and can prove with facts. The Yessa Master shit or I jumped cause he jumped ain’t the ways of a stand alone man… I can do this dance all day long you know why —- Cause what’s deemed to be a legend in music has been documented for many many moons ….. Now for the next 10 hrs I wanna see you clowns go crazy about the mans words that you say ain’t relevant !! #BAN

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One thought on “Wack100 Exposes T.I. for snitching to get out of prison early from 25 year sentence

  1. #1 thing I don’t like about debates and arguments when it comes to African Americans we can never be on the same page unless we arguing about something, it shows how much we feel about our own culture but far as Neighborhood Nip being a legend, in
    my book he is but whatever.Peace to the Gods,Kings, and of the world…#1Love(860)Hollaback!!!

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