Ysaucy – Pain (Official Video)

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Up and coming musical lyricist YSaucy speaks about the hardships he has faced in his latest release Pain. Releasing an official music video for the single as well, this song clearly means a lot for YSaucy.

Speaking about long cold nights and demons surrounding, YSaucy is out in the open with his lyrics in this release. Through the song’s opening verse, you can hear the emotion in his words as he speaks about the downfalls and tough times he has faced. Following this theme throughout the song, detailed projections of YSaucy and the battles he fought are told boldly through smooth lyrics and a beautifully produced track. Working alongside DaBreakRoom, Drexler Blue, and Kyle Williams, YSaucy had an entire varsity squad of management, direction, and production to put his lyrics on display for his fans and listeners.

This only shows how important this song is to him and his team. His process of storytelling through his lyrics about when he was a child up until the present day paints a clear picture for his audience. For his listeners, each are left with a clear representation of YSaucy’s life and what his struggle has meant to him.

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