Young Dom – Plug Ft. Kino PIF & JuThe King

VIEWS 9,556

Diving into the official music video release of “Plug” by the rising rap star, Young Dom, viewers are met with both eye-candy visuals and a driving force of lyrics that punch through the entire release. The work both Dom and his team put into this release is on full display. Not a single detail was missed. The entire release is pure gold, and its release reaction has proved it.

Dom is known for getting better and better with each release he does. This music video continues on that trend. The music video contains both appealing visuals and transitions that are working to captivate his audience. Putting a visual aspect to match a song is a hard task to take on, but Dom and his editing team do it with ease. As the video progresses, the editing and music flow together perfectly, creating an experience for all viewers and listeners.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, we highly recommend it. Cinematography has started playing a bigger role in music recently, and Dom is taking full advantage of this. Being able to capitalize on your sound by creating a visual experience to tag along with it creates a whole new feeling for the music. Young Dom is known for the quality he brings to his music. “Plug” is nothing short of a great release.

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