Mello Spazzout – Hardtimes


Coming in at over twenty-eight thousand streams on Spotify, HARDTIMES, by up-and-coming Chicago rapper Mello Spazzout will surely be a summer hit. By dropping just in time for the beginning of summer, HARDTIMES shares an inside look of what life is like for Mello Spazzout and some of the things he’s been through. Throughout the entire track, Mello gives a window into his life to his fans as the track covers the challenges and obstacles Mello has faced throughout his life. From tragic losses to nearly losing himself, this track beautifully continues the ever-unfolding story of Mello Spazzout’s life and journey through his music career. Alongside amazing production, Mello meets the beat with a great flow and lyrical pattern. From only learning from himself, the talent Mello portrays on this track alone is amazing and will undoubtedly add to his ever-growing discography. With an amazing flow, it’s no question why this song has reached so many. The music video for HARDTIMES just recently passed one hundred and fourteen thousand views this week alone. This track is surely one of Mello’s best and is only one example of what’s to come for this up-and-coming rapper from the city of Chicago.

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