Video of T.I. 15 year old son King getting beat up badly in high school bathroom

Jan 17 2020

Video has been released of T.I.’s 15 year old son King getting into a full fledged fist fit in his high school bathroom. In the video King is fighting a kid wearing a Sniper Gang hoody. Much respect to King for standing up and holding his own, but he deffinitely got beat down. Check out the video below

Full fight video:

T.I. son showing off black eyes:

3 thoughts on “Video of T.I. 15 year old son King getting beat up badly in high school bathroom

  1. Ffs this young man is a *teenager* please don’t help his bullies hurt him by publishing them , most likely racist, attack (I see pink skin in the photo) smh. This how we support our young ppl ? Damn he a kid technically hav compassion n support for r young men. Please.

  2. I’m so sorry King . It’s heartbreaking that ppl find videotaping violence like this is cool . It’s not ! I’m glad it was removed and not just because of who your parents are ; because it’s insensitive! We have become a society that thrives on violence. Smh

  3. My heart goes out to King even though he tried to make the other kid take his jacket/hoody off and the kid got the best of King. One thing for sure the other kid might have gotten the best of King but, King is not no punk. You are not going to win every fight you have but it is the heart you have when you still show that you can hold your own win or lose. I can relate to King’s situation because I am the daughter of a former artist and I know exactly what it is that King is going through. If I could count the number of fights my sister and I had while going to school because we were a celebrities kids I would probably be rich.

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