Video of Swizz Beatz & Timbaland calling 50 Cent scared for not doing a Verzuz battle

Aug 07 2021

Celebrating the success from the DipSet verse Lox Verzuz they put together, Swizz Beatz & Timbaland jumped on a video call. In the video they jump to the topic of 50 Cent, who for months has belittled their Verzuz platform saying he doesnt see himself doing it because all they do is play old music. Swizz said “Listen, tell 50 don’t be scared,” Swizz said. “He talking ’bout Verzuz is doing old songs. When you go on a show, what you ‘gon do? Perform new songs? 50, don’t be scared we love you, you a cute human.”

Timbaland says he thinks 50 Cent will eventually do the battle. When viewers of the Live session suggested 50 Cent go up against Ja Rule, Swizz Beatz said the two rappers shouldn’t be scared to participate together, adding, “Don’t be scared, nobody. Ja Rule, don’t be scared. 50, don’t be scared. This is Verzuz. It’s a celebration. If y’all was ‘gon kill each other, everybody would’ve been dead already.”

Check video out below!

Swizz calling 50 Cent scared:

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