Video of Kanye West first Presidential rally in South Carolina where he says Harriet Tubman did not free the slaves she sold them

Jul 19 2020

Snippets of Kanye West first Presidential rally for his 2020 run at President has hit the internet. The footage shows Kanye wearing a bullet proof vest that says “Security” and you can hear him telling lies on Harriet Tubman and how she did not free the slaves. Check out the video below. This rally was held in Charleston, South Carolina.

Kanye on Harriet Tubman:

Kanye crying at his ralluy:

One thought on “Video of Kanye West first Presidential rally in South Carolina where he says Harriet Tubman did not free the slaves she sold them

  1. Please if I insult anybody then I am going to ask for forgiveness before hand, so on that note (Please forgive me if you are a Kanye West fan and very sensitive about what is said about him).
    Listen, there is something terribly wrong with Kanye West. He is the most mentally disturbed individual that I have seen in a very long time. It is very hard for me to understand why Kanye would feel the need to lie on Harriet Tubman. All my life from grade school up until my adulthood the many schools, teachers and history has taught all of us that Harriet Tubman help freed many slaves. Putting her own life in danger while doing it. Now all of a sudden here comes Kanye trying to run for president and in the process of doing it he lies on Harriet Tubman and says that Harriet Tubman didn’t actually free the slaves she just had the slaves go work for other white people. Even if the slaves did go and work for other white people where in history does it say that the slaves were every recaptured and sent back to their slave owners to continue to be a slave. Now his statement really makes me wonder what schools did he attend, what teachers taught him and what history books he studied. I need to know what is the gist of him standing in a whole crowd of people telling that lie. Why was it necessary for him to bring up the fact that his mother saved his life because his father was too busy. Then proceed to burst out in tears. If he knows that he is bringing up a subject that is going to make him cry then why bring it up. Mental!!! I tell you Kanye West is mentally disturbed. He may be a genius in the music aspect but he is twice as mental in other aspects of life that is for darn sure. There is no way on God’s green earth that I will vote for someone who is just as mental as the president we already have. Can you imagine having Kanye West as your president with nothing but experience in a music background and plenty of low mentality to go with it. The USA would be in as much of a terrible and dangerous state as we are already in. I am so not worried about the white people voting for Kanye West. I already know that would never happen. However, I must plead with my black sisters and brothers to not vote for Kanye West come November 2020. Please my sisters and brothers use your heads to vote for Kanye West would mean the demise for all black people, people of other nationalities and white people as well. If you vote for Kanye West you might as well vote for Trump. Kanye’s goal is to divide the vote between Biden and Trump which would give Trump a better chance at winning. Please sisters and brothers remember the life you save may be your own.

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