Video of Chris Tucker revealing why he would not do Next Friday with Ice Cube

Nov 25 2017

A long rumored Friday re union movie has be talked about in Hollywood. The movie is said to feature the original stars Chris Tucker back along side Ice Cube. While those rumors are still being debated and dreamed on. Chris Tucker recently spoke on some facts and reasons why he decided not to star in Next Friday. Chris revealed that Cube did indeed ask him to star in Next Friday but he told Cube no. Chris said “Cube got mad cuz I didn’t wanna do part two. I told I ain’t doing it; I said no. He got mad. I told ‘You ain’t pay me for the first one, s**t.’ He gon’ give me some CDs and some weed. Hell nah. You better give me some money!”

Chris also said they made ‘Friday’ in 20 days and that he was just happy not to be touring, which made him do the movie.

Check the full interview below

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