Video of Akademiks laughing at Kollege Kidd brother dying from Covid 19

Feb 01 2022

DJ Akademiks is not holding back any punches when it comes to people he considers rivals and enemies. In the midst of the popular blog Kollege Kidd losing one of its owners to Covid 19, Akademiks celebrates it. Ak said “I’ma just say this straight up. Kollege Kidd, one of ya’ll already outta here,” Ak said. “Bruh, I ain’t even trying to violate you, cause you’re going through mourning and sh** like that. But I’m telling you right now, you see where your brother has went to? That’s the only place that you’re going to go to if you’re still overdosing on hate. Your brother didn’t die of COVID, he overdosed on hate.”

An animated DJ Akademiks went on to explain to his listeners that the reason for his unforgiving tone was that Richard Autry and the late Ray Autry had been trying for years to ruin his businesses with public smear campaigns and unflattering rumors.

Akademiks also said “One of these is in the dirt, that’s a fact,” he continued. “Raysean Autry, half of the Kollege Brothers, he died. He died after overdosing on hate. That’s it! I’m sorry to say. I gotta be honest with ya’ll. He didn’t die of COVID. The n**a, instead of going to doctor’s appointments, instead of focusing on his health, instead of focusing on family, instead of focusing on anything good — his last moments in life was sending out tweets hating on Akademiks…I was on his mind, it’s very unfortunate.”

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