Video of Lil Snupe dad visiting grave cursing out Meek Mill for being cheap & not buying his son a headstone still 7 years later

Apr 13 2021

Lil Snupe has sadly been dead for over 7 years after his friend shot him over a NBA2K bet gone wrong. Lil Snupe was signed to Meek Mill’s Dream Chaser records. Yesterday Lil Snupes dad who has been locked up for 20 years was finally freed from prison and visiting his son’s grave. While at his son graves you hear them blame Meek Mill for Snupes death and call curse Meek out for Snupe still 7 years later not having a head stone for his grave site. Check out the video below and tell us what you think. Is this Meek fault Snupe died and does Meek owe Snupe a head stone?

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