Tyga put Beverly Hills Mansion lease in his 5 year old son’s name and is now being sued for missed payments

Mar 30 2018

For some reason life after Kylie Jenner for Tyga has been full of car repo’s and eviction’s from his houses. It seems he either does not make enough money anymore to support his lifestyle or he just dont care.

Now we got word that Tyga is being sued by Simon Cowell’s former lover Mezhgan Hussainy.
Mezhgan is suing Tyga claiming he has not paid his $40,000 a month rent since January 2018. Tyga moved into the Beverly Hills mansion last March of 2017 and has paid rent up until January 2018.

The kicker we discovered is that Tyga has his 5 year old son Cairo on the lease. Already Tyga is killing his son’s credit. Mezhgan is suing Tyga and his son for the missed payments.

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