Tupac Shakur’s Newly Found Handwritten Letters Reveal He Wanted To Unify The East And West Coast

Feb 06 2015


In this Tupac writes his homie Big Lock who was doing time. He tells lock about all his success. He even hints at his beef with Notorious BIG saying how his 5 million records sold on new song is ripping big a new ass.

Another thing 2pac hints at is his plan to unit the west and the east with a album he has in the works called “One Nation”. He listed Greg Nice, Buckshot, Smiff-N-Wessun, Scarface, E-40 and OutKast as people he is doing the album with.

You also see the real side of Tupac where he tell’s his homie Big Lock when you come I have a job for you. Damn we miss Tupac how about yall

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