Triller is starting new boxing league “The Fight Club” with Snoop Dogg giving Snoop 50 percent ownership & $20 Million upfront

Dec 03 2020

Maybe the biggest thing that came from the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones JR fight card was how great of a announcer Snoop Dogg is! Social media went crazy with how great Snoop was, so it only makes sense now that Snoop cashes in big time. It has been revealed that Triller is partnering with Snoop Dogg and will be giving Snoop 50 percent ownership and a upfront fee of $20 Million dollars to be their partner in “The Fight Club”.

In the release statement, Triller and Snoop noted how they look to build on the momentum of the Tyson v. Jones bout by “connecting celebrities from various backgrounds, from breakout social media stars and professional athletes renowned for their athletic abilities to celebrated musicians and well-known actors and other stars willing to tackle a new venture and enter the world of boxing, as well as pro boxers making their way up.”

“Up until this weekend, boxing was about the experience of one small group of elite individuals who attended the fight in person,” said Ryan Kavanaugh, the co-founder of ‘The Fight Club,’ in a statement released on Tuesday. “What we wanted to create with the Tyson vs. Jones event was an experience for all of the viewers at home, combining the highest-end production and lighting and a production quality never before brought to a fight. […] Today marks a paradigm shift as Triller and Proxima’s “The Fight Club” dedicates itself to delivering top-notch immersive experiences in the comfort of your home.”

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