Tr3way CEO Shottie charged with gang assault and weapons charges in 6ix9ine bodyguard shooting

Nov 08 2018

6ix9ine’s manager turned himself over to cops Wednesday for his involvement in a shooting last week.

Police charged 36-year-old Kifano Jordan aka #Shottie with gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon for bashing a restaurant security guard over the head with a chair during a dustup inside a Madison Avenue restaurant on Friday.

Shottie turned a situation to the next level when between 6ix9ine’s NYC entourage and his label head’s security. 6ix9ine’ and the Tr3way crew were denied access to a restuarant in which 6ix9ine was supposed to meet with West Coast music exec Elliot Grainge. Both crews entourage went back and forth which ended up in 6ix9ine’s security getting shot. Shottie made the situation worse when he said

“I’m going to violate you both with gunshots.”

according to witnesses.

Shottie’s attorney previously told us his client had no involvement in any crime, and promised the charges would be dropped.

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