Toronto Raptors & Drake reveal the OVO Athletic Centre for its players to train at

Mar 14 2019

Drake and the Toronto Raptors over the years have created an awesome bond. Drake who is from Toronto is without a doubt one of the biggest Stars in the world and being that he always reps his home of Toronto. Whenever wathcing a primetime nationally televised Raptors game it has become a norm to see Drake sitting courtside cheering his home team on.

During the last few seasons, the Raptors have incorporated black and gold into their alternate jerseys and court designs, which mirror the OVO colorway alongside Drake-themed home games. Additionally, last year the Raptors and OVO pledged a significant financial contribution to help refurbish local community basketball courts, where naturally the finished products featured the same black and gold design.

Now the team’s training facility has been renamed from the BioSteel Centre to the OVO Athletic Centre, which Drake introduced to the world this morning on his Instagram.

Check the Instagram post below from both Drake and the Toronto Raptors celebrating.


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