The man who snatched JayDaYoungan chain has been murdered & Cops have warrant out for JayDaYoungan arrest thanks to incriminating post DJ Akademiks made snitching on JayDaYoungan

Dec 05 2019

It seems DJ Akademiks it taking advice in blogging from his mentor VladTv who helped get AR-AB locked up with his interview. Back to Akademiks, the other day JayDaYoungan was robbed for his diamond necklace in the video you can see Greensboro goons snatching the chain off JayDaYoungan neck and later posting a video showing the chain off. Well now we got word that the man who snatch JayDaYoungan chain has been murdered and hours after the murder JayDaYoungan uploaded a video showing him wearing a ski mask and rocking his once stolen chain. Of course Akademiks posted this news and now the cops have a warrant out for JayDaYoungan to be arrested and questioned in this murder and they are using Akademiks post has evidence. Stay tuned for more updates!

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RIP. Senseless violence 🤦‍♂️.

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#jaydayoungan chain has been returned to him.

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Video of Goons snathcing JayDaYoungan chain:

8 thoughts on “The man who snatched JayDaYoungan chain has been murdered & Cops have warrant out for JayDaYoungan arrest thanks to incriminating post DJ Akademiks made snitching on JayDaYoungan

  1. Seems “dj*” academics, Vlad and I think burden are all working for feds smh. I think I heard a judge Thanked burden recently in a case where a rapper got imprisoned. Ppl say “females” gossip but honestly, as a female myself, men often gossip way more. These media ppl should be boycotted. Also I worry: web will some younger artists Learn to stop snitching on themselves on Instagram etc? But also law needs to be changed, song lyrics should not be used in court against rappers.. I believe that is very wrong. And dangerous. Altho more clever rappers will write lyrics in a way that Doesn’t self-snitch. I wonder wat happened.. these younger artists some of them rea really hurting themselves self-snitching on social media, lyrics and in interviews and via scum like akademics .. this never used to happen so how hav we failed our youth .. how they making such mistakes which ruin their lives while media doesn’t even apologize or care?

  2. I also wish ‘hip hop media’ Especially podcasts and videos would discuss Music not gossip. Really who gives a shit about who stole someone else’s purse / chain / hoe. The music is way more interesting. Also, while I may dislike a person’s actions, their music might rlly bang. Often it’s best not to know much about rappers personality. For example I dislike wat game has done posting too much re. Nipsey only when he died.. but some of the songs on his latest album Do bang .. unfortunately i would enjoy them More if I didn’t know about his personality. Too much gossip in hip hop imo these days. Let’s gossip about Music instead pls.

    1. Shouldn’t you be advising these knuckle heads to stop committing crimes, robbing and stealing, shooting and killing one another?? Then there won’t be anything tho snitch about stupid!

  3. Lol, how yall blame Akadmiks? How about not posting a video of you wearing a ski mask and showing the chain returned?

    Niggaz is self rats because of the internet and clout.

  4. Well here goes another stupid Nig the snitched on himself. Nigs don’t use the 5 senses they were born with. If some goon snatched my chain and I have the goon killed do you think I would be ignorant enough to put on a hoodie and show the world that I am now wearing my chain again. You straight tell everybody who you are and you straight telling everybody I had that Nig killed and got my chain back. See here it is I am wearing it right now. If that isn’t enough evidence to lock your ass up I don’t know what is.

  5. The world today. Im sure one of them recorded the murder.. Since thats how brainless these people are.. Honestly I’ve Never even heard of him so i don’t care i just think it’s funny that this new generation of so called rappers even have deals. They are the destruction of what i thought was hip hop/rap.. Now its just crap.. Lol anyway fuck em all anyway his dumb ass will probably snitch on himself anyway since he already has with his social media posts. Brainless..

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