The 2018 XXL Freshman list winners are leaked

Jan 29 2018

Every year for the past 10 or so years XXL has done their Freshman list. This list is a very big deal in the music indsutry. A lot of artist (new) aim for this. The alumni of this list is filled with superstars. Past XXL Freshman have been Big Sean, Lil Uzi Vert, Wiz Khalifa, 21 Savage, Young Thug, Fetty Wap and many more.

Today we got our hands on the leaked list and some names that made are below 6ix9ine, Lil Pump, Tripie Red, Rich Chiga, and Bhad Babie to name a few. Check the screen shot below for the full list of who made. Tell us what you think, who was left off the 2018 XXL Freshman list?

143 thoughts on “The 2018 XXL Freshman list winners are leaked

    1. its just the fact that rap is becoming more modern. yall jus gon have to get over it. shit changes in the world. yall saying new hi hop is trash, look at the new technology, you dont say its trash now do ya?

  1. this is a terrible list…smokepurpp and ski mask should be on. Trippie Redd’s verse will be the only good verse. These 2018 rappers are trash. Just waiting on Trippie Redd songs w Drake and Trippie Redd’s song w lil wayne

  2. Bruhhh where my boy lil skies at. Bhad Babie, Qua/Lit/E, Des The Menace, Young Tango, and Price Honcho over skies!!?? Also NBA, Lil Xan, YBN Nahmir

  3. if this is real, i swear this is shit. bhad bhabie doesnt deserve it. and where is smokepurpp, lil skies and offset.

    1. ayeee fr global dan is amazing, been a fan for about a year and a half, and ski mask almost made it to the final list, and also wtf wheres smokepurpp and the migos???

  4. Lmaoooo y’all BIG mad. Little shawty has a record deal already. She’s ten times better than most theses MFs out here. Trippin

    “First the gon mention my age then they gon mention my race” bitchhhhhhhhh

  5. maaaaan we need Moneybagg, Nba Youngboy, Lil Baby . Ya’ll making these none wanna be rappers on XXL when they trash asf . Tf is a Bhad Babie ?

  6. wtf is this shit? tekashi sixty gay? gay critch? lil gay? rich faggot? and really now? we cant forget about bitch baby lmaooooo were am i at on this damn list?

  7. NBA Youngboy, Ski Mask the Slump God, and YBN Nahmir should be on there before Bhad Babie could ever be thought of being on there

  8. what the hell where is nba youngboy and why the hell is bhad bhabie on this with her white self she is shit real shit she look like it and she music is shit because she only made on so what good song she can go suck a horse dick and eat ass like she do now little ugly self

  9. *What should be the 2018 list

    Lil pump
    Ski mask
    Trippie Redd
    Lil xan
    Young boy NBA
    Cardi B
    Ybn Nahmir
    Moneybagg yo

  10. jay crith and trippe redd are the only good ones were is ki mask and smokepurp or famous dex even rich the kid or ybn even cdot honcho
    … come on bhad bahdie

  11. First of all three of these names are irrelevant af. second of all if you guys put bhad barbie in that bitch i swear the god all do everything in my power to shut this website down. and third of all how you guys gonna sleep on ski mask, famous sex, smokepurp, and did cards b reject the award or what.

  12. trippie redd 69 and skimask will be the best and i already know ski mask made it cause hesgot an amazing flow lil skies is eh i can only listen to 2 of his songs and bhad babie is shitty as fuck…..

  13. They choose 69 when he has charges on him for 3 accounts of sexual activity with a minor but famous dex was subbed last year for beating his girl

  14. Hello. I am a magazine develepor for XXL. The Final and Official Freshman list for 2018 is being released on April 16. Our team has a list started for this year, however it is not confirmed. For 2018, we have listed:

    1. Tekashi 69
    2. Famous Dex
    Rich The Kid
    4.Trippie Redd
    5. Youngboy Never Broke Again
    6. Lil Skies
    7.Ski Mask The Slump God
    8. YBN Namir
    9. Skinnyfromthe9
    10. Tee Grizzly

    Again, this list can altered before the release date. Hope this clears up any confusion


  15. Ski mask should take bhad bhabie place . Then where moneybagg yo ? Trippie redd aight , mane this list got me dead

  16. this shit fake af. 3 of these “rappers” from the same damn area in NY and they repost each other’s shit too. they just tryna get clout.

    qua/lit/e aint that bad though ima keep it real with you chief

    9.LIL SKI
    10.LUD FOE

  18. Where’s lil baby at? Where’s blocboy at? What about XXXtentacion? Those are the 3 hottest rappers right now.

  19. Xxx was last year dummy and Gnar should be on the list.

    Also everyone on the list will be a joke is 69 or Bhad Babie get on the list f that

  20. 1. Ski mask
    2.Blocboy JB
    4.Trippie redd
    5.Tay K (hes on the list too)
    6.Ybn Nahmir
    8.Tee Grizzley
    9.Famous Dex
    10. Rich the kid


  22. 1) where’s XXXtentacion
    2)Where’s Kendrick Lamar. Like WTF
    3)Where’s Migos//Quavo
    4)OR Cardi B
    5)Or YBN Nahmir
    6) Wtf this shit is so fake cause like 5 of the rappers are fake and don’t even come up.

    1. Dude, X was on it last year, Kendrick was on it in like 2014, Migos are too big to be on it, same with Cardi

  23. Dis gotta be some fake ass shit, I don’t fucking know Des the Menace, young tango, or Qua/Lit/E. Man y’all niggas got me fucked up with this fake ass list.

    My predictions:
    1. Ski Mask the slump god
    2. NBA youngboy
    3. Trippie Redd
    4. Key Glock
    5. Smokepurpp
    6. Tay-K (possible)
    7. Yung bans
    8. Lud Foe
    9. Jay Critch
    10. YBN Nahmir

  24. 1. ski mask
    2. pouya
    3. famous dex
    4. rich the kid
    5. trippie red
    6.smokepurpp youngboy
    8.tee grizley
    9.tay k

    this should be the list if the people were actually smart dont @ me

  25. My daughter Destiny was listed by your magazine as one of the 15 top kid rappers when she was 8 years old well she’s 17 now check her out now @ syi.trend

  26. Im number one yall did shit before me but i still made it to da top fuck u trippe scars was some shit dummy boy surpassed and is #1

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