Tekashi 6ix9ine baby mama video’d in bed with 6ix9ine friend/rapper Bernie Bates

Mar 05 2019

Tekashi 6ix9ine is still locked up waiting on his sentencing in the new few months and his baby mama Sara Molina has been airing him out on Instagram. Sara is the one who slept with 6ix9ine’s manager Shotti and has been heavy clout chasing since 6ix9ine’s arrest. Bernie Bates denies claims that he was ever friends with 6ix9ine but there are photos of them together which Bernie deleted from his Instagram.

Sara Molina went on to say that Bernie Bates doesn’t know Tekashi anyway

Bernie Bates stated

“I don’t know 6ix9ine. We never was friends. He don’t know me. I’m not from Tr3yway. I’m not from Brooklyn. I’m not from none of that. I don’t know that dude. I don’t know his middle name. I don’t know if he got a middle name. I don’t know nothing, a’ight? We not associates. I don’t even want to be his associate at this point,”

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