Tee Grizzly arrested on parole violation 2 months before his parole was up!

Aug 28 2018

Tee Grizzley whos real name is Terry Sanchez Wallace from the West Side of Detroit, Michigan is in some hot water as he was recently arrested on a parole violation this past Thursday. Details on his violation have no been released, but the Detroit rapper was set to be off parole in October 18th, 2018.

Tee Grizzley has been on parole for his attempted robbery charge at a jewelry store in Lexington, Kentucky. Tee Grizzley was sentenced to nine months for the robbery, and, while already serving that sentence, he was sentenced to 18 months to 15 years for the Michigan State robberies in September 2015.

Tee Grizzley may either be sent back to jail or may get an extention on his parole. Once again there is no word whether Tee Grizzley had drugs or weapons or just violated some terms of his parole. Details will be available soon and we will have the latest updates regarding his arrest.

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