Tay-K affiliate PimpyZ receives 30 years in prison for murder as his mother breaks down in court room

Nov 19 2018

Not too long ago we reported that Tay-K affiliate PimpyZ turned down a plea deal for charges to snitch on Tay-K. Today, PimpyZ received his sentence for one case for the robbery and murder of Ethan Walker after a home invasion gone wrong. Pimpyz, whose real name is Jalen Bell, pleaded guilty to two accounts of aggravated robbery which occured back in 2016. Bell was reportedly offered a lesser sentence if he gave up information on Tay-K, which he ultimately refused. As a result, Bell received a 30-year-sentence. PimpyZ’s mother was present at the sentencing as you can see she broke down in tears as the judge gave the sentencing.

Rapper Tay-K is still facing a capital murder charge for being an alleged gunman in the San Antonio shooting.

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