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Pop Smoke arrested in New York for transporting a stolen 2019 Rolls Royce Wraith

POSTED ON Jan 18, 2020

New York rapper Pop Smoke has been making the headlines lately with his hit singles and now beef with Casanova. Well we got word that Pop Smoke was arrested for transporting a stolen vehicle at JFK Airport after flying in from Paris Fashion Week. Pop Smoke was apparently loaned the car for a music video in Los Angeles for 1 day when the owner claims Pop Smoke never returned. In exchange for the load the owner of the card would get to go out to an event Pop Smoke was hosting and given the star treatment. Instead of returning the car Pop Smoke got the car back to New York and was flexing for sometime until the owner of the car located it through GPS. Pop Smoke is being charged by the Feds for transporting a stolen vehicle. He was arraigned yesterday in Brooklyn.

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D’Angelo Russell cited at NYC LaGuardia airport attempting to bring weed in a fake iced tea can

POSTED ON May 03, 2019

NBA star D'Angelo Russell was cited at New York's LaGuardia airport for attemping to bring weed on an airplane in a fake Arizona ice tea can. Brooklyn Nets D'Angelo Russell was found with about 50 grams of marijuana in the fake can. TSA agents originally flagged an item that appeared to be an Arizona Iced Tea can, but further investigation revealed a compartment where the marijuana was discovered.According to ESPN, an NBA player who violates the league’s marijuana policy for the first time enters a “marijuana program,” upon second violation the player can be fined $25,000 and for a third violation, they can receive a five-game suspension. The Brooklyn Nets were “made aware of the situation” and “are in the process of gathering more information at this time,” the organization said in a statement.

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Video of Young M.A all girl porno she released on PornHub

POSTED ON Apr 11, 2018

Rap star Young M.A is now trying her hand in the porn industry. The 26 year old lesbian rapper released her first porno titled “The Gifted” thru PornHub. When asked to describe it Young M.A said “It’s about a girl, a virgin,” said M.A of the video hosted by porn veteran Asa Akira. “It’s her […]

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