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Sad Video of Welven Da Great homeless running from people because he gets beat up everyday

POSTED ON Apr 20, 2021

Heart-Breaking video of former instagram star Welven Da Great homeless living on the streets looking very bad. In the video you can see Welven Da Great is scared of people walking up on him because he tells the man that people hurt him (beat him up) everyday. Welven Da Great reportedly made over $1 Million dollars but all the money was stolen by a bad manager who left Welven Da Great homeless. Check video out below!

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Video of former Instagram star Welven Da Great sleeping outside homeless

POSTED ON Jul 26, 2019

Have you guys ever heard the saying "60 Second of Fame"? Well it seems that can be said for former Instagram star Welven Da Great. Welven Da Great made his name from the saying "Who Dont Got no Bitches". Welven's fame was so big that at one point he was getting $20,000 just for club walk thrus and over $10,000 for Instagram post via companies paying him. Once news leaked of him sexually assualting a minor all that fame he had went bye bye. Fast-forward to today, we now have video of Welven homeless sleeping outside. People in Las Vegas say you can see Welven everyday walking up and down the street begging for money. Check the video out below and tell us what you think!

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