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TSU Surf calls VladTV a fed informant says Vlad only called him when he got shot to interview him

POSTED ON Dec 16, 2020

TSU Surf has had enough of VladTV being a vulture of our culture and getting artist killed or locked up. The video below is from TSU Surf IG live and he goes in on Vlad, TSU says that Vlad never wanted to interview him until he got shot. Check out the video below

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Wack100 & Jim Jones promise to beat DJ Vlad ass when they see him for disrespecting the culture

POSTED ON Nov 23, 2020

Wack100 has had enough with DJ Vlad the popular blogger who has exploited the blac race. Via Instagram Wack100 let it be known that his has lawyer money and is ready to be sued because Wack promises to beat Vlad ass when he see's him. The IG post got traction because Jim Jones also said he is looking for Vlad as well. Check out the post and comments below!

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The Judge thanks VladTV for his interview which helped them convict AR-AB for running a drug empire

POSTED ON Nov 22, 2019

Philadelphia rap star AR-AB has learned his fate from a judge earlier this week. The judge has served AR-AB with 20 years plus for running a drug empire and blaming him for murders that happened. When sentencing AR-AB the judge gave a big thank you to VladTV for his interview which he says help them build their case against AR-AB. This should be a eye opener for rappers! Stop talking about what you are doing, the FEDs are watching your social media. Do not brag about crimes you are doing.

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