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Texas man robs bank for $200K leaves note blaming Covid-19 & not getting his stimulus check

POSTED ON Jul 18, 2020

Police say the suspect walked in shortly after the bank opened and told the teller he needed to make a withdrawal while handing the teller a folded up piece of notebook paper, he was able to get away with over $200,000!

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Offset crashes Cardi B Rolling Loud set to apologize and gets rejected & postpones album release

POSTED ON Dec 17, 2018

Rolling Loud was in Los Angeles this past weekend and on Day 2 of the festival Cardi B had her performance. We all know Cardi B and Offset are currently not together after Offset got caught trying to set up a threesome with some female rappers. Well Cardi got wind of the situation and broke up with Cardi. Fast forward to Saturday when Cardi B hit the stage and during her set Offset suprised her with a big apology in front of thousands of fans. After Offset provided a public apology it seems like she kicked him off stage to finish her set.

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Quavo and Takeoff threatening to leave Migos because of Cardi B and her control over OffSet

POSTED ON Oct 26, 2018

Rumor has it in the music industry that all of these Migos solo albums are for a reason. That reason being that the group is finishing their contract up (album requirements) to get solo deals and break the group up. Word we are getting from people in the know and close to Migos is that […]

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Migos Sell 200K Their First Week For Culture II

POSTED ON Feb 04, 2018

Migos have officially hit 200k album sales with their first week release of their album Culture II. This is definitely a rise since the release of their previous Culture effort. Quavo took to Instagram to let his fans know #1 A L B U M 2 0 0 k First Week W E D I […]

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Nicki Minaj finally realizes Takeoff was shooting his shot at her on “Motorsport”

POSTED ON Nov 27, 2017

Nicki Minaj finally we guess really listened to Takeoff’s verse on their hit song “MotorSport”. Takeoff who shot his shot at a chance with Nicki rapped “Takeoff’s bars found him saying “If Nicki should show me her t*tty // Right hand on the Bible, I swear I won’t tell // If I get to play […]

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