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50 Cent says Fuck former manager Chaz “Slim” Williams who died yesterday

POSTED ON Jul 15, 2019

50 Cent does not care if you are alive or dead, once you cross him it is "Fuck You" in his mind. 50 Cent's former manager Chaz "Slim" Williams aka Black Hand Chaz. Chaz is said to have robbed over 60 plus banks back in his day. Chaz is also responsible for helping Foxy Brown with her career. Back in 50's early days he and Chaz worked together, Chaz was 50's manager. Then once the Supreme beef happened, 50 exposed Chaz for switching sides and picking Supreme and them. In Many Men 50 even called out Chaz with the line "Slime switched sides on me, Let niggas ride on me, I thought we was cool why you want me to die Hommie".

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The Diplomats Juelz & Jim Jones made Supreme a Billion Dollar company off a $10,000 check they was paid

POSTED ON Jan 03, 2019

It’s hard to explain The Diplomat’s cultural impact, If you didn’t grow up in the 2000s. You had to experience it to know how big they were. Their fashion influence moved the culture.That was the main reason why Supreme wanted them to put on their apparel. The photo shoot that they did in 2006, led to one of the most popular t shirts of all time. The T Shirt is extremely basic. It’s simply a square box with the picture of them from the shoot (in the picture they wore white t shirts that said Supreme on them.

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