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Mystikal Charged With 1st Degree Rape, Bail Set At $2 Million

POSTED ON Aug 21, 2017

Well here we go again, rapper Mystikal is having some legal issues again and its for the same crime he was convicted for back in 2003. According police in last October an incident happened at a Shreveport Casino which a victim reported to local authorities. Sex crime investigators linked Mystikal to the sex crime after […]

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Remy Ma clowns Nicki Minaj’s brother on Instagram live about his rape charges

POSTED ON Apr 07, 2017

Remy Ma is not letting up knowing that Nicki Minaj is set to release the video for her new song dissing Remy titled “No Frauds” Remy took to IG live and kicked it with some fans. During the chat Remy Ma touched on Nicki’s brother Jelani child rape case. Remy said, “If you wasn’t there, […]

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