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Tay-K affiliate PimpyZ receives 30 years in prison for murder as his mother breaks down in court room

POSTED ON Nov 19, 2018

Not too long ago we reported that Tay-K affiliate PimpyZ turned down a plea deal for charges to snitch on Tay-K. Today, PimpyZ received his sentence for one case for the robbery and murder of Ethan Walker after a home invasion gone wrong. Pimpyz, whose real name is Jalen Bell, pleaded guilty to two accounts […]

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Tay K Co-defendant PimpYz turns down 20 year plea to snitch on Tay K

POSTED ON Nov 08, 2018

Tay K has been doing the race for some time now and the popular has co-defendant’s willing to do the race with him. Tay k co-d PimpYz turned down a 20 year prison sentence plea to no snitch on Tay K. PimpYz is now facing life in prison for his involvement in a murder case. […]

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