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Video of Orlando Brown giving his testimony to how he quit drugs thanks to God

POSTED ON Sep 22, 2020

Child TV star Orlando Brown who has been in the headlines for years for his drug habit which caused him to do crazy things. A video has now surfaced and it shows Orlando in Texas at his church he now attends. Orlando was seen on stage giving his testimony to God for saving his life. Orlando started out by telling everyone his name and stating that they may know him "from a little show called That's So Raven." He went on to explain that he was dabbling in drugs, including crystal meth, and Orlando also stated that he was also addicted to the internet. The Church's pastor, Rey Sandoval, also shared a video of Orlando's speech, which he captioned, "My student Orlando Brown giving his testimony at Rise Church for the Rise Home rally. Proud of you my bro."

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Video of Disney Star Orlando Brown getting beat up and knocked for breaking into his friends house

POSTED ON Feb 15, 2020

Former Disney star Orlando Brown really needs help. New video shows Orlando getting beat up and beat down by his friend. In the video you see Orlando recovering from already getting knockedout and he begins to approach his friend again who punches him in the face again and pushes Orlando out of his door. Check out the video below and tell us what you think!

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Disney star Orlando Brown’s Dr. Phil interview is scary, forgets his own kids name

POSTED ON Dec 22, 2018

Former Disney star Orlando Brown was a guest on the hit daytime TV talk show "Dr. Phil". Orlando's friends begged he do the show and reach out to Dr. Phil secretly, praying to get Orlando real help. People close to Orlando claim that he is homeless and addicted to drugs, while suffering from mental illness. Check the interview below it is heart-breaking to see Orlando so high off of drugs.

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Video of actor Orlando Brown drugged out walking barefoot with bottle of wine almost getting knocked out & begging for Jesus

POSTED ON Oct 29, 2018

What on God’s green earth has happened to the one time Disney TV star Orlando Brown! Another video has surfaced and Orlando is drugged out walking barefooted holding a bottle of wine begging for Jesus. The camera seems to have kicked Orlando out of his house for acting crazy and threatened to knock him out […]

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