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Omarion gets Lil Fizz kicked off Love and Hip Hop Los Angeles forcing Apryl Jones to breakup with Fizz

POSTED ON Mar 02, 2020

Omarion maybe the new king of petty over 50 Cent. After kicking the whole group off the tour because of Lil Fizz dating his baby mother Apryl Jones. Now we got word that Omarion has got Lil Fizz kicked off Love and Hip Hop Los Angeles. Last fall, Fizz was kicked out of the popular 2000s R&B group B2K, after his bandmate Omarion found out that he was sleeping with Apryl - his children's mother. B2K is currently on a world tour, so Lil Fizz would have made hundreds of thousands of dollars, had he not been fired by Omarion.

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POSTED ON Dec 09, 2019

Omarion has to be somewhere laughing his ass off after video of his baby mama Apryl Jones leaked of her cheating on Lil Fizz with rapper FBG Baby Goat. As we all know Lil Fizz has been taunting Omarion after he got with his babymama Apryl. Omarion got the first clap back announcing the upcoming Millenium Tour as a solo artist and without his B2K bandmates which is definitely going to hurt their pockets. Well peep the video below of Apryl Jones allegedly cuddled up and what seems to be kissing FBG Baby Goat. Even J Boog of B2K says the relationship between the two is "corny".

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Omarion Post on Instagram that he has kicked B2K & Lil Fiz off the “Millennium Tour”

POSTED ON Nov 26, 2019

Omarion is showing that he will have the last laugh when it comes to Lil Fiz and Apryl Jones. After getting shaded on social media daily by Lil Fiz, Omarion has decided to hurt Lil Fiz's pocket! Omarion via Instagram has announced that B2K and more importantly Lil Fiz will not be apart of the "Millennium Tour" this coming year. Bow Wow will co-headline with O for an epic “Face Off” reunion.

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Omarion and Lil Fizz setting up celebrity boxing match to fight each other and the fight is worth millions of dollars

POSTED ON Nov 24, 2019

Omarion and Lil Fizz setting up celebrity boxing match to fight each other and the fight is worth millions of dollars. If you have been living under a rock then you would not know that the former B2K band members now hate each other. Omarion baby mother Apryl Jones who he was dating at the time, lost his girl to former bandmate Lil Fizz. We hear this got so ugly that Omarion wanted to kill Lil Fiz for stealing his childs mother. Making matters worse Fizz even has been trolling Omarion all over social media. As a result of this all Fizz and Omarion have agreed to fight each other for Millions of dollars, which the fight would generate.

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Omarion disses Lil Wayne and Young Money says Lil Wayne is a artist not a boss worse label ever

POSTED ON Nov 15, 2019

Omarion recently sat down and did a tell all interview with VladTV. During his interview he touched on his time he was signed with Young Money Records which is Lil Waynes label. Omarion called Lil Wayne the worse boss ever saying he was a artist not a boss and did not know how to run a label. Omarion also spoke on how he was taking off the hit song "Bed Rock". Of course this interview caught the attention of Lil Waynes right hand man Mack Maine who tweeted out his side of it. Maine let it be known that Omarion was only signed to the label for 1 week and that Neyo submitted a better version to Kane Beatz track which they used Lloyd for to sing the hook. Check out the interview below and Mack Maines tweets.

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