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Troy Ave tells Mysonne and his mother to “Suck a Dick”

POSTED ON May 26, 2020

Rap star Troy Ave had some choice words for fellow NYC rapper Mysonne. The two rappers got into a twitter beef and some words got exchange. Leading to Troy Ave telling Mysonne to "Suck his Dick". Check out the Twitter back and fourth below!

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Rapper Mysonne was the one who got the New York kidnapper caught by Posting Kidnappers Instagram on Social media

POSTED ON Dec 31, 2019

Let us all give respect and love to New York rap icon Mysonne who played a major role in the coward New York kidnapper being caught. Social media is powerful and Mysonne posted the Kidnappers IG handle on his page and about 2 hours later the coward was caught and beat down by New York goons from the Bronx. Check out Mysonne's post below that got the coward caught!

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Video of Mysonne clapping back at DJ Akademiks for calling him “Failed Rapper”

POSTED ON Dec 07, 2018

Popular internet blogger known for his police reporting of rap industry news DJ Akademiks recently got into with NYC rapper Mysonne. After being called a Snitch/Rat by Mysonne and Casanova, Akademiks clapped back by calling the rappers “Failed Rappers” and “Trash Rappers”. It seems Mysonne has finally had time to watch the video rant of […]

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Mysonne calls Troy Ave a “Twitter Thug”, tells him lets square up and fight no guns

POSTED ON Apr 17, 2017

Mysonne aint feeling Troy Ave or what he calls his antics. Mysonne put a video offering to square up with Troy Ave. Stating “Real Men Square up” No guns or anything. Check the Instagram post below with Mysonne calling Troy Ave out. Any sucker can get a gun or his man to settle disputes. I […]

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