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Lizzo opens up a secret OnlyFans account showing Naked photos

POSTED ON Apr 11, 2020

Lizzo is shaking up the internet with the sneaky secret release of her OnlyFans page on instagram. Lizzo is one confident woman in her body. Check out the info below

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Racist clothing designer Tommy Hilfiger wants Lizzo to be face of brand so he can sell to Fat Black Women

POSTED ON Dec 13, 2019

Racist clothing designer Tommy Hilfiger who back in the 90's said he did not want black people wearing his clothes, now wants a black star being the face. Tommy Hilfiger let it be known that he wants Lizzo to be the star/face of his iconic Tommy Hilfiger clothing brand. Tommy feels Lizzo could sell to the "Fat Black Woman" market in his words. No word yet on if Lizzo has or even will accept Tommy's offer. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Naked photos of Lizzo leaked see them inside

POSTED ON Nov 25, 2019

Lizzo had one of the biggest songs for the year of 2019 with her smash single "Truth Hurts". If you only know the song and do not know Lizzo, well lets just say she is the most confident person you might ever encounter. Lizzo is a plus size woman, but her overweight issues do not hold her back. Lizzo just had photos leaked that show her body being fully naked! Check them out below and tell us what you think!

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Lizzo admits she got catchiest line for her “Truth Hurts” song from a twitter fan and will credit her as songwriter and pay royalties

POSTED ON Oct 25, 2019

Lizzo had one of the biggest records for 2019 with her smash hit breakout single "Truth Hurts". The song went number 1 on Billboard Hot100 charts. Lizzo also revealed a little unknown secret that she got the catchiest lyric of the song from a fan who tweeted the line "I Did a DNA test and found out Im 100% that Bitch". The line was tweet back in 2017 by her fan and Lizzo revealed she used it for the song. Lizzo will credit the fan as a writer on the song and pay her royalties.

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