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Offset’s Dad throws shade at Cardi B calling her a “hot headed female”

POSTED ON Dec 18, 2018

Cardi B and Offset have been making headlines since their public break up since Offset tried to set up a threesome with some thotties. Offset even crashed Cardi B's Rolling Loud set with $!5k worth of flower arrangements that got discarded with no love. Well, Offset's dad has taken to his Facebook page in which he talks about his son's relationship with Cardi. Offset's dad feels Cardi B is always going to social media to air out her relationship problems to the world and that basically she needs to keep the situation between them. Offset's dad says she doesn't know the long term affects that going public about everything may gave in the future. Now his dad isn't saying that he is right in anyway and that Offset has done his fair share of dirt. He even says their relationship problems flow into his home and personal life as he feels his son is threatened and it can eventually develop psychological problems for his whole family. They are all upset that Cardi B posted the picture of Kulture when it was supposed to be Offset's album cover. Offset's dad even went on to say that Cardi B is a "hot headed female". Take a look at the Facebook posts below and let us know what you think!

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