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Judge gives Jimmy Henchman 2 consecutive life sentences for killing G-Unit affiliate Lodi Mack

POSTED ON Nov 09, 2018

A New York City judge just handed Jimmy Henchman the hammer after giving him 2 consecutive life sentences for the murder of G-Unit affiliate Lodi Mack. Jimmy Henchman put the hit out on Lodi Mack as payback for an attack on his 14 year old son that was carried bout by Lodi Mack and Tony […]

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DJ Khaled Accused Of Killing Horse In Bahamas After Riding & Being Overweight

POSTED ON Jul 18, 2017

The Caribbean website VYBZ and Metro UK are both reporting that the horse Khaled rode on was injured because of Khaled’s weight, and had to be put down. “DJ Khaled said he weighed 200lbs, but our horse’s back determined that was a lie,” said the animal’s trainer. DJ Khaled’s reps have denied the story, since […]

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