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HitBoy reveals Kanye West told him to his face he will never pick his beats because HitBoy worked with Beyonce

POSTED ON Sep 16, 2020

Super producer HitBoy went on Instagram to reveal some crazy music news. HitBoy revealed that Kanye West has blackballed him from using his beats. Yes HitBoy who produced one of Kanye's biggest records ever "Niggas In Paris". HitBoy said Kanye told him to his face that he will never pick his beats again because HitBoy is working with Beyonce. At the time Kanye and Jay Z was beefing. Check out HitBoy's IG post below!

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Nas disses Doja Cat for being an racist on new song “Ultra Black”

POSTED ON Aug 14, 2020

Nas and Hit-Boy have released a new song titled "Ultra Black". The song has Nas dissing Doja Cat! Doja Cat has been in the headline's alot for not claiming her black side and being a racist to her black side/people. On "Ultra Black," Nas takes aim at Doja Cat, rapping, "Sometimes I’m over-black, even my clothes are black/Cash Money with the white tee and the soldier rag/We goin’ ultra black, unapologetically black/The opposite of Doja Cat, Michael Blackson black." You can listen to the full track below.

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