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Rapper Kyyng Gets Spooked When Rico Recklezz Affliate Confronts Him In The Mall

POSTED ON Apr 28, 2017

Louisiana rapper Kyyng was at Lenox Mall in ATL when rapper Lil’ Marcuz (Rico Recklezz affiliate) approaches him during a facebook live stream. Lil’ Marcuz made it seem like he was showing love to Kyyng until the Louisiana artist starts reppin’ bloods all in Marcuz’s camera, it all goes south! Video shows Kyyng running around […]

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Brother of murdered rapper Dex Osama was also killed in Detroit by same rival gang

POSTED ON Apr 06, 2017

Tragedy strikes the Dex Osama family tree once again, Dex who was a very popular rapper in Detroit was gunned down in 2015 after dispute in a strip club. Well now we just got word his little brother Big Ducie was also killed. Dex was believed to be murdered by a rival rap group in […]

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