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Ashanti Shuts down Nelly letting him know she has a man now Flo’Rida

POSTED ON Sep 16, 2021

Fat Joe verse Ja Rule was a big event that went down Tuesday night and we had a wow moment when Nelly approached his ex Ashanti asking for a hug. Of course while on instagram live with her, Fat Joe & Ja Rule wanted Ashanti to spill the tea and ask if they would get back togehter. Well Ashanti let it be known that can not happen because she is in a relationship with pop star Flo'rida. Check out the video below and tell us what you think!

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Flo Rida files motion to get his baby mama’s child support payment of $9,000 lowered for his sick son

POSTED ON Sep 01, 2018

Flo Rida had his lawyer file a motion on his behalf to have his child support payment of $9,000 dollars reduced. Flo Rida claims that his money is supporting his baby mama’s Alexis Adams lifestyle and not the baby and his medical expenses. Earlier in the year Alexis Adams won the case in New York […]

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