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FBG Duck Mom shows text message she sent Durk’s dad after DThang was shot and killed

POSTED ON Jun 09, 2021

FBG Duck's mother is a strong strong women. Even with Lil Durk and other OTF members continuing to diss her dead son in songs, she still finds the strength to have mercy and love for them. When it was revealed that Lil Durk's brother DThang was shot and killed in Chicago this past weekend Ducks mother LaSheena Weekly reached out to Durk & DThang's Dad Big Durk. What makes this even more remarkable is that Lil Durk just dissed FBG Duck again in his new song with Lil Baby and Meek Mill "Still Runnin". Durk said That n***a was f**ked, the moment he ran, he knew he ain't ducking, his ass out of luck." FBG Duck was tragically gunned down while shopping in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood while reportedly shopping on Michigan Avenue.

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