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Iconic rapper Freeway destroys the Fabolous #ColdSummerChallenge hands down the best one

POSTED ON Apr 08, 2020

2020 has been a great year for Freeway so far. Freeway is finally fully healthy again thanks to getting that new kidney last year. With his full bill of healthy Freeway has been giving his fans what they been wanting which is new music from the iconic Roc-A-Fella/State Property rapper. Just to remind us about his bars, Freeway threw his name in the hat as artist who did the Fabolous #ColdSummerChallenge. Check out Freeway's version below and tell us what you thinK!

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Meek Mill’s grandmother’s house sprayed with racist graffiti in South Philly

POSTED ON Dec 18, 2018

Meek Mill's grandmother's house was just sprayed with graffiti with a racist remark "ACORN" on the side of her home. "Acorn" is apparently a term that relates to white privilege/power. The vandalism occured on video in which has been obtained by TMZ. Meek Mill states via his Twitter account

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Video of State Property legend Omillio Sparks getting beat down for stealing bundles of PCP/Wet Drug

POSTED ON Oct 24, 2018

West Philadelphia rap Icon Omillio Sparks who was signed to Roc-A-Fella by Jay Z via State Property Gang was beat down on video. The video shows a man beating Omillio Sparks down for reportedly stealing a bundle of PCP/Wet the popular drug of choice in Philly. People are claiming that Omillio Sparks is a ghost […]

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Beanie Sigel announces that Freeway was received the call that they found a Kidney for him

POSTED ON Jun 18, 2018

Finally some good news today after losing XXXtentacion and Jimmy Wopo to senseless gun violence. Beanie Sigel via his instagram account announced that Iconic Philadelphia rapper Freeway was told that they found a donor Kidney that may match him. If you do not know, Freeway has been extremely sick with a failing kidney and was […]

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Beanie Sigel and Oschino Vasquez squash their beef over money

POSTED ON Feb 24, 2018

Oschino Vasquez posted a picture on his verified instagram account which showed him and Beanie Sigel hanging out. This picture is good look because earlier this year Oschino was doing media runs exposing Beanie for stealing money from him and the other members of the iconic Philly rap group State Property. This picture is definitely […]

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