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Wack100 Exposes T.I. for snitching to get out of prison early from 25 year sentence

POSTED ON Dec 03, 2019

Wack100 is back in the headlines breaking the internet. A video of Wack100 from TMZ went viral and it showed Wack100 giving detail on why Nipsey Hussle is not a legend! It seems the video got to the desk of T.I. and this made T.I. post on Instagram why Nipsey is a legend! After seeing T.I.'s post Wack100 went back to Instagram and exposed T.I. for being a snitch! Wack said how did someone who got sentenced to 25 years in prison get out with only 1 year time served! Wack100 called T.I. the original 6ix9ine who snitched to get their freedom. Check out the IG post below and tell us what you think

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