Suge Knight’s son says he is very happy Snoop Dogg now owns Death Row Records

Feb 14 2022

Major news coming from the west coast with the iconic rap label Death Row Records being purchased by its former artist Snoop Dogg. News broke early last week that Snoop purchased the once power house label. Former founder/owner Suge Knight lost the label with all his mounting legal battles. A video is on youtube and it shows Suge Knight’s son expressing how he feels about Snoop Dogg now owning his fathers former label. Suge Knight’s son said “It’s a victory for the West Coast. I’m happy just like everyone else. I kind of knew beforehand that this was going to happen. This, to me, is like a silent victory because I spoke to all of these executives myself and pitched the ideas for merchandising for rebranding. Now to see it fall in the hands of Snoop, I’m happy it’s coming back to the West Coast.”

Knight then talked about how he hopes the move made by Snoop can empower more positive outcomes for the future. “Hopefully now we can start winning. We lost Nipsey, we lost Kobe, we lost a lot of things. Even after my dad went to jail, we started losing. Hopefully, we start winning with the Rams (in the Super Bowl), and start winning now,” said Knight. He concluded by saying, “I hope people understand we’re not punching the air, we’re working. Hopefully, we’re all on the same page.” Watch above.

Check video out below of interview!

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