Yohon Trotter – Nothing To Lose

Mar 15 2019

HHO: Introduce yourself to the fans.

Yohon Trotter: Yohon Trotter From Atlanta Ga , Decatur to be exact

HHO: What inspired your artist name?

Yohon Trotter: My artirst name is my real name I just spell it slightly different

HHO: Where are you from?

Yohon Trotter: I’m from Atlanta / Decatur Ga Candler Rd.

HHO: What is the music scene in your hometown like?

Yohon Trotter: The music scene in Atlanta is very competitive and unique.

HHO: Do you feel the music scene is growing in your hometown?

Yohon Trotter: The music sene is growing at a rapid pace . People are even moving here hoping for a big break in the rap game

HHO: What are 3 things that you need in the studio when recording?

Yohon Trotter: Water , gas pack, and a good engineer

HHO: What artists have been some of your musical influences growing up?

Yohon Trotter: Tupac, Jay Z, Pimp C, Bun B, , Biggie, Jeezy, Tip, Playa Fly, Dj Quick, Eight Ball & MJG, OutKast.

HHO: What is the current single that you are promoting?

Yohon Trotter: Currently I’m promoting my single “Louis”

HHO: Who provided production for your latest single?

Yohon Trotter: CashMoneyAp produced it

HHO: What was your thought process when coming up with the record? Was there any inspiration behind it?

Yohon Trotter: I was searching for a hit record, Changing my life for my daughter and myself and my family was my motivation.

HHO: If you could work with & collaborate with any rapper or producer, who would it be?

Yohon Trotter: If I could collaborate with any artist and producer I’d like to work with Jay Z, Future, Drake on the artist side. Dr Dre, Timberland, Swizz Beatz on the producer side.

HHO: What is your writing process like when making music?

Yohon Trotter: My writing process is usually based on moods, motivation, and energy. I really don’t even write I just come off the top with a freestyle or punch in.

HHO: Are you currently touring or have any upcoming shows?

Yohon Trotter: I’m not touring or doing shows at the moment. I’m launching my label’s music on major platforms and beating the street with promotion.

HHO: What has been the hardest thing youve encountered in the music business?

Yohon Trotter: The hardest thing I’ve encountered in the music business was being disappointed by big time celebrities that tried to use me by giving fake helping hands and doing shady business.

HHO: What has the response been like from your fans & DJ’s been?

Yohon Trotter: The response from my fans and DJ’s is at a all time high. Everybody is saying my success is over due and it’s my time.

HHO: We’ve read that the music business is finally back on the rise with streaming & sales. Do you agree & do you think this has helped you as an indie artist make money off of your music?

Yohon Trotter: I don’t know if the industry is back on the rise or not, but I definitely think streaming is good. My streams are going up and it’s been nice to actually make some money off my music independently.

HHO: What are your plans for 2019? How are you impacting the music scene different from any other artist?

Yohon Trotter: 2019 is all about Born Leader Ent .. My artirst are the dopest.. 1.5 Trip , Kush Montana, KD da Kid and 1.5 HotBoy are definitely going to take over the rap game. I’m going crazy because it’s my time to show why I’m a big deal , I’m dropping my mixtape Trap Ambition with DJ Pretty Boy Tank on all platforms it’s currently on live mixtapes. I’m also dropping more comedy skits and video visuals to my album Trap sex now available on all platforms.

HHO: What are your social media links? Whats the best way for your fans to reach you?

Yohon Trotter:

Instagram: @YohonTrotter

Twitter: @YohonTrotter





For Booking:

HHO: Do you have any advice for any upcoming artists on the grind?

Yohon Trotter: My advice to upcoming artists is to follow your vision that god gave you, keep god first, do good business, study the game, be humble, learn the business, keep it 1000, make music from heart and always do you.

HHO: Any last words or shout outs?

Yohon Trotter: Shout out my daughter Cherish, mom Debra Holden , my sister Deedee Trotter, my brother Ian Jones , Aunt Elaine Holden , and everybody I know! Luv ya