Vne – Bigger Picture

Dec 27 2018

HHO: Introduce yourself to the fans

Vne: I’m not your typical everyday average Joe. Although I am. I’ve worked since I can remember, but I’ve always had this voice in my head telling me I was more. I wasn’t just put on this earth to work everyday to just to go home to my child, and tell her that she can be whatever she wants. I’m here to show her. The picture I’ve seen for myself is huge. I plan to frame it, hang it, and live to tell the story. I’m here to change the world. My name is Vne Vi.

HHO: How did your artist name come about?

Vne: I always wanted a dope ass rap name, but was called Vinnie all my life. People always spelled it wrong,”Vne”, so I did too but to where it still worked. “Vi” was something my big bro just always called me, so I just put the two together. Vne Vi.

HHO: Where are you from?

Vne: I was born and grew up in Southern California, but spent most of my teenage years in South Carolina.

HHO: Who were your musical influences growing up?

Vne: Growing up I was big on Snoop, Ludacris, and Cassidy. I like Snoop’s approach, Ludacris had dope delivery, and Cassidy had bars.

HHO: What hip-hop albums did you grow up listening to?

Vne: I liked albums like Doggystyle by Snoop, It’s Dark & Hell Is Hot by DMX, and The Massacre by 50 Cent.

HHO: What is the current single/project that you are promoting?

Vne: Currently promoting my single “What It Do” off my newly released EP, Fell Too Faar, which is currently available on all major music platforms, (Spotify, iTunes, Pandora).

HHO: How did the record come about?

Vne: I was looking to make an introduction that would coincide with my project, alongside my introduction to the music career.

HHO: What would be your dream collaboration with any rapper or producer?

Vne: I’d personally love to work with Alchemist The Producer.

HHO: Are you currently touring or have any upcoming shows?

Vne: No, but I am currently open for bookings.

HHO: How is the response from your fans & djs been?

Vne: I’ve recently gained more attention from people, promoters, and DJs since the release of my first studio EP (Fell Too Faar).

HHO: What artists do you listen to the most?

Vne: I don’t really listen to much hip hop. I keep my ear to different genres to keep my creativity crisp.

HHO: What are your plans for 2019? What are you doing that others are not?

Vne: 2018 was great year, a lot of great music dropped. But my goal mainly for 2019 is to differentiate lyricist and entertainer. More singles, lots of visuals, and tons of shows.

HHO: How can your fans reach you?

Vne: Fans can reach me on all social media. Instagram @vne_vi, Twitter @bettermusic104, Snapchat @vivinnie.

HHO: Any last words or shout outs?

Vne: I want to give a big shout out to Hug Make Em, Aries The Producer, and to HipHopOverload to featuring me on the site. Last words for ya’ll would be that I don’t rap and make music for everybody, just for somebody.