Ace Wild – Beyond Blessed

Sep 06 2018

HHO: Introduce yourself to the fans

Ace Wild: What it do? This is Dre Blessed and Ace Wild of STR8 Blessed Music. We’re out here grinding hard to make a name for ourselves. That’s the motto: Be Humble, Love Everyone, and Keep Grinding.

HHO: What inspired your artist name?

Ace Wild: Dre: My name is based off of being able to bless everyone around me and help people. The name “Dre Blessed” is a symbol of blessing people, and offering hope to those in need.

Ace: “Ace Wild” symbolizes the freedom that people have to be outgoing, be themselves, and just be crazy in their own way. It’s supposed to show that the current generation has hope.

HHO: Where are you from?

Ace Wild: We are from La Crosse, Wisconsin. -The 608-Land of the Lost.

Check out Ace Wild – Wild Card Ft. Dre Blessed (Audio)

HHO: Do you feel the music scene is growing in your hometown?

Ace Wild: It’s hit and miss to be honest. There is a lot of talent here. Huge amounts of talent that need to be found. The only problem with it is people not finding the heart to continue it after a single or an EP. To be honest, I think that’s why we stand alone in the music scene here.

Ace Wild: In full honesty? No. As we said before, it’s hit and miss. We love this place and will represent it until the day we die. As it stands right now, we’re on a growing island here, feeling like it’s just us.

HHO: What are 3 things that you need in the studio when recording?

Ace Wild: -Blessed Atmosphere
-Writing Materials, mainly notebooks
-Loudness. Gotta crank the volume to go hard.

HHO: What artists have been some of your musical influences growing up?

Ace Wild: Dre: Tech N9ne, Denzel Curry, MJ, Desiigner, Travis Scott, Frank Sinatra, and Vintage Funk.

Ace: Hollywood Undead, Linkin Park/Fort Minor, Demrick, and Tech N9ne.

HHO: What is the current single that you are promoting?

Ace Wild: Clear the Air

Check out Ace Wild – Clear The Air (Video)

HHO: Who provided production for your latest single?

Ace Wild: Dre Blessed of our own Independent run label, STR8 BLESSED MUSIC.

HHO: What was your thought process when coming up with the record? Was there any inspiration behind it?

Ace Wild: Whatever was around our heart at the time. Whatever is in our atmosphere is what we do. Our record is called Blood Tears to symbolize the every day struggle of the unknown. It’s for the ones who least expect to be messed up in the head.

HHO: If you could work with & collaborate with any rapper or producer, who would it be?

Ace Wild: Denzel Curry, or Tech N9ne, or ClubGodzilla.

HHO: Are you currently touring or have any upcoming shows?

Ace Wild: On September 19th, we will be playing in Chicago for Coast2Coast live.

Check out Ace Wild – Walk Among (Audio)

HHO: What has been the hardest thing youve encountered in the music business?

Ace Wild: Dre: For me, it’s the industry not seeing a real vision. Not being able to flow with my creativity in the way I need it to be.

HHO: What has the response been like from your fans & DJ’s been?

Ace Wild: Fans love what we put out. We’re always open for criticism to push ourselves to be better and we’re really close with our fans. It’s a great experience. Correction, we don’t have fans. These guys are our family.

Check out Ace Wild – Tears (Audio)

HHO: We’ve read that the music business is finally back on the rise with streaming & sales. Do you agree & do you think this has helped you as an indie artist make money off of your music?

Ace Wild: This is a hit and miss too. It’s great to have your music out for people to listen to all over the world. With today’s technology, it makes it so much easier to present content without having to go through struggles as having someone you don’t even know do it for you. At the same time, there are some aspects of this taking away from the true sound of what you’re trying to get across. All in all, it’s what it is and we’re having a lot of fun with it. It’s been somewhat successful for us, but without promotion, it can lean either way.

HHO: What are 5 songs in your playlist right now?

Ace Wild: Ace: I have a huge range of genres that I listen to. So this is always a tough question to answer. If I had to make a list, it would definitely be:
-“Angels Come Calling” by Demrick and B-Real
-“Black Cadillac” by Hollywood Undead
-“Hold It Together” by Mike Shinoda
-“Verbatim” by Blackbear
-“Comin in Hot” by Hollywood Undead

Dre: Anything that Tech N9ne, Travis Scott, or Denzel Curry puts out. Too hard to make a list, haha.

HHO: What are your plans for the rest 2018 going into 2019? How are you impacting the music scene different from any other artist?

Ace Wild: For the rest of this year, we want to crack down on getting our first album out. We’re continuing to put singles out on a pretty regular basis, but Blood Tears is a huge accomplishment for us. After our show in Chicago, we want to keep playing shows no matter where they are. There’s nothing like it. Chicago will be Ace Wild’s first appearance on a stage, while Dre Blessed has done many shows before. Going into 2019, we will be continuing the grind of getting our message out.

HHO: What are your social media links? Whats the best way for your fans to reach you?

Ace Wild: The best way for anyone to reach me is email. I’m an email junky for sure. So I see pretty much everything and I have no problem with anybody reaching out to me.

Facebook: Ace Wild Music Official
Youtube: Ace Wild Music Official
Instagram: @ace_wild_official

Instagram: @dreblezzed

HHO: Do you have any advice for any upcoming artists on the grind?

Ace Wild: Ace: One main point of advice that I could hand out to any artist is don’t let anything block your creativity. I love hearing the weird things. New styles, screaming, anything on a track. I’d say it’s best to not try to be someone you’re not in music. Let the thoughts in the back of your head come alive. To me, it’s the most beautiful thing.

HHO: Any last words or shout outs?

Ace Wild: We want to thank anyone and everyone that has taken the time to hear about us and hear our content. We’re truly blessed to even have any success with music. It’s been both of our dreams since we were very little. Shout out to our dear friend Connor Fredrick for taking the time to take our photos, put together music videos (soon to come), artwork, graphic design, apparel, and his amazing creativity. Also we want to thank everyone that’s a part of our label (Jules Galius, Lil Logo (Connor Fredrick), Prince Charming, and KLS). These guys are amazing creative artists that love what we do and have always supported us. Stay blessed.