Snoop Dogg And Master P Snoop Loopz Cereal Is All About Helping The Community: Headed To Court In A Kellogg’s Lawsuit

Dec 05 2022

Snoop Dogg and businessman Percy Master P Miller filed a trademark for Snoop Loopz. The filing was reported by trademark attorney Josh Gerben of Gerben Law. Under the trademark filing, Snoop Loopz would be the brand name for products that could include breakfast cereal, cereal bars, cereal-based snack foods, preparations made from cereals and ready-to-eat cereals. In August, Snoop Loopz cereal hit stores across the U.S. Snoop Dogg and Master P co-founded Broadus Foods and their focus has been on giving back to the community through Snoop Loopz, the first black-owned cereal company to add diversity into the supermarket and is nationally changing the culture.

Froot Loops, a cereal brand owned by the Kellogg Company, claims to have a conflict of interest with Snoop Loopz having many similarities to Froot Loops.

The Snoop Loopz name comes from the legendary Hip Hop artist Snoop Dogg name and Loopz is spelled with a “z”.

Kellogg’s launched Froot Loops in 1963 and it has been one of the company’s key cereals and most advertised products, with an advertising campaign featuring the mascot Toucan Sam.

Many generic food companies have cereal products with similar names. Milville, an Aldi brand, calls their similar cereal Fruit Rounds; Great Value, a Walmart Inc. brand, calls their cereal Fruit Spins; Kroger calls their cereal Fruit Rings; and Malt-O-Meal calls their cereal Tootie Fruities. However, none of these cereal brands were found to be an infringement or pose a threat to the Kellogg’s cereal Froot Loops and granted trademark rights to the list of food companies producing similar cereal products and names.

Snoop Loopz will get its date in court soon to plead its case against Kellogg’s

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