SayCheese CEO Shawn Cotton Exposes Adam 22 & DJ Akademiks for using the hood but not helping

Jul 30 2019

Shawn Cotton is the CEO of the very popular Instagram page @SayCheeseDigital where unsigned artist post their music. Shawn’s formatt is well respected in the music industry and has helped a lot of artist reach their dreams. Yesterday via his Twitter account Shawn called out other mainstream bloggers Adam 22 and DJ Akademiks. Shawn basically exposed them for using the culture but not giving back to the culture like he does. Adam has since replied to Shawn’s tweet claiming him and Akadamiks dont even check for Shawn or what he is doing. Check out the tweets below from Shawn and Adam. Do you agree with Shawn? Should Adam and Akademiks do more for the community?

2 thoughts on “SayCheese CEO Shawn Cotton Exposes Adam 22 & DJ Akademiks for using the hood but not helping

  1. Looks like he is stating facts that they don’t help blow up new ppl like he does. Altho..most or many bloggers/websites/labels/etc don’t blowup new ppl either. But from wat I heard akademiks annoys a lot of ppl. I personally know nothing about akademiks except ppl saying bad stuff about him and Vlad (who I also know nun about) being culture vultures / users.. so it’s not first time ppl hav said this.

  2. First of all it is up to each individual artist whether or not they want to give anybody anything. Ceo Shawn Cotton can’t tell no darn body how to spend their time or money. What I want to know is why is Ceo Shawn Cotton on video with a stack of money in his hand. Is it because he isn’t use to money. So he has to flash how much he has. He is stupid I guess he doesn’t realize that he is putting a target on his darn back.

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